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The birth and life of Jesus, the Galilean Master, have long been a mystery. The mystery becomes a revelation only when viewed in the light of esoteric tradition and Ancient Wisdom teachings. Through these rarely presented concepts, it is possible to gain a fuller understanding of his life. The Master's birth was indeed overshadowed be a great glory. Jesus was divine, but not through the incident of birth. He was divine before his birth, having achieved his divinity through countless lives of service and spiritual training. He was chosen by the Great Brotherhood to manifest upon Earth as the Christ because he had attained his divinity.

Thus, we accept the teaching the Jesus was both man and "god." Man, in that, he did incarnate in fleshly form, thus making himself to some degree subject to the laws of this plane of life. ."God," in that, through many previous incarnations, he had evolved to such mastery he was able to manipulate the substances of the Earth to conform to his direction, and to create according to his divine desires.

The great Light of Astara is the Master whom the world knows as Jesus the Christ. He is indeed the Master of Masters and the Teacher Incomparable. The three Masters of Astara follow the leadership of Jesus most reverently. Although Astara embraces the esoteric teachings of all religions, it is the Master Jesus who is Astara's leader and light, and it is his inner Teachings which the Astarian disciples follow as devout Astarian mystic Christians. 

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