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Earlyne Cantrell Chaney (1916-1997), was a mystic, healer, author, and teacher who wrote more than 100 books on spirituality and New Age subjects. In 1951, with her husband, Robert, she co-founded Astara, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the exploration of spirituality. A native of rural Texas, Chaney abandoned a brief Hollywood acting career to study and advocate the uniting of Eastern and Western religions. She developed a new discipline of meditation and prayer called Lhama Yoga. Among Chaney’s books are the degree series titled Astara's Book of Life and many others, such as Initiation in the Great Pyramid, The Mystery of Death and Dying and Remembering: The Autobiography of a Mystic. 

Earlyne's life achievements earned her an honorary Ph.D. in Theology, and renowned commendation in the books, The World's Who's Who of Women, Two Thousand Women of Achievement, and the Who's Who in California.

"But the real Earlyne Chaney's life cannot be encompassed in biographical statistics. They cannot tell of her childhood psychic experiences, the cosmic illumination of later years, the extraordinary interweaving of lives and circumstances which first delayed and then developed her writing talents, nor the thousands who have benefitted from her philosophy and her natural capacity to heal those who are suffering from a troubled mind and a painful body."

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