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The name Kuthumi is a "mystical" name taken from the name of the Koot-Hoompa sect of Tibetan Buddhism. ("Pa" means "disciples of.") In his youth, he attached himself to no particular religious faith. His youthful mind, however, remembering past lives, reached for the Mysteries with which he was familiar, having been the Hierophant (High Instructor) in earlier incarnations. He left his homeland to travel to distant climes, gaining a broader education and concentrating especially on the varied religions of different cultures, the better to give impetus to the idea of one universal religion for all - a religion which would embrace ALL denominations; not substitute one for the other.    

Though born a Kashmir Brahman, he settled in Tibet to perpetuate his work with the Brotherhood. He spent several years as a Buddhist monk of the Gelugpa or "yellow hat" division of Tibetan Buddhism. (In Tibetan, his name is pronounced Keh-thoom-bah.) Although he dwelt in a valley in the Himilayas, much of this work was on the higher planes. It was around 1880 that Helena Blavatsky brought to the front of the Theosophical Society the existence of the Masters. It is well known that among the Great White Brotherhood, two Masters were especially concerned with the foundation of the Theosophical Movement and its development. These were the Masters Morya and Kuthumi. It is this same Kuthumi who is the unseen one mentioned in Earlyne's book, Remembering - the one who guided her ministry writing for half a century. 

Master Kuthumi was the spiritual guide and Teacher of Astara - the "Father" who contacted Earlyne in her early days. He is devoted solely to teaching the Mysteries in the Degree Lessons of Astara' Book of Life and The Great Work of the Penetralia, which were brought through both Robert and Earlyne under his direction. 

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