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The name Rama (pronounced Rah-mah) is interpreted to mean "The Divine Son of Holy Breath" (Holy Breath being the combined Father-Mother God). Ra related to the Father of Light; Ma related to the Mother of Light. During the days when Master Jesus taught the Mysteries in Egypt, there came One from the East seeking initiation and it was during this incarnation that this disciple gained Mastership and was given the spiritual name of "Rama." There are a great many Master teachers who bear the name of Rama, but it is this Rama -the Teacher who last incarnated during the time of Jesus - that is the Rama of Astara. He has not incarnated since. 

Master Rama is devoted to concentrating on the organizational matters of Astara and expanding its teachings worldwide. He devotes his full attention to Astara and Astarians. His one devout mission is to help Astara fulfill its two intertwined destinies; to function as a center of all religions and spiritual beliefs, and as a New Age Modern Mystery School. He is not involved with any other School or religious organization. Robert was his principle disciple, and Rama's power and overshadowing were instrumental in guiding Robert through organizational opportunities and establishing Astara on the earth plane during the New Age.

Astara's growth and spiritual influence have far exceeded even our most enthusiastic anticipation, and for this phenomenal activity, we salute Rama. Because of his unceasing devotion and steadfastness of purpose, the message and light Astara offers have reached countless Truth seekers around the world.

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