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The name Zoser was given to him at birth and means "The Holy," for his birth was prophesized by the seers of the day. Strange and mystical circumstances surrounding this birth marked him as an "Expected One," and his coming fulfilled the word of the prophecy. His first initiation was bestrown up him while he was still a young man. During this ceremony, a new name was added to that of Zoser. It was Neterkeht, which means "God in flesh," further signifying the esteem in which he was held. He traveled throughout Egypt and united his people for the time in their history. Wars ceased during his reign, and under his rule world civilization was born.

As the first king of the Third Dynasty of Egypt, Zoser was not only a king beloved by his subjects, he was also a priest and teacher. But most of all, he was a healer of such magnitude his people built shrines of worship in his name for three thousand years following his transition. He was deified by them regarded as an incarnated god. It was during his reign as pharaoh that the first pyramid was constructed - the Step Pyramid at Sakkara - which exists today as probably the oldest known construction in our civilized world.

Master Zoser gives his full attention to Astara's healing ministry. Zoser first came to Earlyne and Robert at Camp Chesterfield in the winter of 1951 in the midst of one of their meditations seeking intuitional guidance from Higher Intelligences. It is through the efforts of this singular being that the healing work of Astara is now renowned internationally. Although he gives, in reverent humility, all credit to his own Master Teacher, Jesus the Christ.

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